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Discussion in 'Appearance mods' started by rdj6107, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. rdj6107

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    i am shopping for a 240kit. can anybody comment on their experiences with ALL THINGS CHROME or TRAC DYNAMICS. if you cant comment on either, do you have any experiences with other 240kit deals. i was looking at the apex 240kit but the rims seem kinda naked for the price one pays. thanks for your comments.
  2. GoldenChild

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    I've sold a few RC Components Kits, Trac stuff is good. do some searches on all things chrome and you will see why noone has said anything..
  3. pashnit

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  4. KvHotDog4

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    I live very close to All Things Chrome. They are very friendly and great to deal with. They have had issues with copyright laws on using Suzuki and Hayabusa symbols, but they are great to do business with.
  5. BigBSBusa

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    I have used All Things Chrome for several items and haven't had any problems. Never purchased anything from them other than the cost of chroming.
  6. Busa Brian

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    I find the fact that their Ebay store is shut down and is kind of shady
  7. lankeeyankee

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  8. BMW5

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    Wow, guess I won't be visiting ATC anytime soon.
  9. andrew929

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    I run a TracDynamics 240 with APEX wheels on our 929. Over 2 years old and not a single issue. Installation was easy,bolted right up. Looking to Myrtle West or Jeepers Racing for 240 or 300 for our Busa. Only reason for not Trac again is we want "closed ends"...

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