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Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by Big D's Busa, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Big D's Busa

    Big D's Busa Registered

    I was wondering who all has or had a atc heavy spring chrome shock. I have my bike stretched at about 8 inch and lowered 2 inch in rear to even out. I have the factory shock all the way tight as it can pretty much go and rubbing into my tail. My weight is 275 if I get this shock will I be able to ride someone if I wanted to? Thanks

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  2. Fernman

    Fernman Registered

    I have one on my 04 +6", it rubs the bottom of the tail a little bit when I ride 2up.
  3. Synista

    Synista Registered

    You'll have to keep the bike about stock height and might not rub. I have one on my 07 +12 and it rubs when I wack the throttle, but the tail is only like 3" above the tire. My wife loves the fact that; it will rub if I put some on the back!:laugh:
  4. Big D's Busa

    Big D's Busa Registered

    Oh I see so really that shock is not gonna help me alot of I plan to ride 2-up cause it will still rub a little?
  5. Synista

    Synista Registered

    It shouldn't if you keep it a little high! You can also tighten the spring as well if needed!
  6. BMW5

    BMW5 Registered

    I have the ATC chrome spring, and stock shock on my bike and I have no rubbing issues. I have not tried riding 2 up since installing the new spring.


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  7. iamjames

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    clearance is always a problem on a stretched bike. i never tried a different spring, but i have turned up the pressure on the stock spring and used soupy's adjustable dog bones and they work well for riding 2 up. i'm now running an air ride suspention and while it looks all trick, i prefered the soupy's. unless you go the extra mile to install pressure guages (another $300. when is enough enough?) you're just making your best guess and repeating a ride height and dampening that worked well. i also fabricated a steel skid plate that used the fender mount holes. that has saved the day more than once.

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  8. 09 busa guy

    09 busa guy Registered

    i have the chrome atc heavy duty spring and i have a 9 inch stretch and i weigh 250 with no rubbing issue at all even riding 2 up but my bike is at stock height hers a pic and one before the paint job

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  9. Tdog

    Tdog Registered

    If I'm not mistaken the stock spring is rated for 900 lbs and the ATC spring is rated for 1400 lbs. I have the ATC spring and stock shock on mine. I am stretched about 12 inches. I have the soupy lowering links and I am sitting about 1 1/2 inches from the tire to the taillight. I am about 190 lbs and I haven't had any issues with rubbing. But, I ride solo. If you ride at stock height and carry a passenger even at your weight I really don't think you will rub. The only "sure" way you won't rub is get a strut but I wouldn't recommend it. Or you could go the air ride route.

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