advanced motorcycle training course??????

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by padenbrown, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. padenbrown

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    I am stationed at Ft. Hood and i have to take a refresher course and the advanced sport bike course when i get back from this deployment in december and I stretched my bike about 7 inches when i went on leave. i was wondering if anyone has done a course similar to this on a stretched bike and how it is? i have stock rear tire and it turns well but i dont know what goes on in the class. i could take it off for the class but i could probably learn something there with having it on as well, any suggestions?? its not that i cant ride, never had a long bike before :) open to all opinions thanks.
  2. Tufbusa

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    If that's the bike you are going to ride then that's the bike you want to take the course on.

    If you fail then you'll know how inadiquate the bike is. Ask the instructors for their input on a long wheelbase. If you pass without issues you'll have learned something new! :thumbsup:
  3. padenbrown

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    but its my only means of transportation lol and cant ride on post without, im 89 percent i wont fail, i just dont wanna drop it doing un needed twisties,it sure is heavy and i sure aint, could always take the katana lol but like ya said tufbusa that defeats the purpose i can lean it pretty much the same as before i just like to worry bout things, anyone on this forum taken it???????
  4. fastblackblur

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    If it is the MSF course I had to take this course this summer. I'm sure you'll be fine. If its the exact same class I took it's not pass/fail. You show up, do the training, get the little card. I didn't take it on my busa but all the other people in the class were pretty much on harleys.
  5. padenbrown

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    well you gotta do the MSF training just to ride on post, 6 months later you gotta do the advanced one with your own bike, maybe our advanced one will go like the one you said, but you can lean a harley pretty decent, they had these sweet suzuki 250 cruisers when i went to the first one lol

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