A ride through the dragon

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  1. GSXTacy

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    Here is a link to video that Omar took. The first 20 mile section is leaving the Phillips and riding the foothills to the Deals Gap Resort. The video stops at the resort and resumes with me in the lead then gsxcite and Omslaw with the camera going up wheelie hill entering the dragon. This was one of the very first trips through so we were still a little unsure of ourselves but we still had a blast and got some good footage. We get held up a couple of times for traffic and pull over and stop the tape for a few. After the second stop, it was on! We thought we were going pretty good till a local on a 600 diced it up with us for a few........then schooled us! The third part is with Omar in the lead after we stop at the overlook. This is the trip where the infamous semi was stuck in the dragon. You can here my suprise when Omar stopped the bike with the truck in full view. I ride up next to him in utter shock and say something like "You have got to be sh!tting me!" I dont remember saying it but the proof is on tape! Its about an hour worth of video. Enjoy

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    sweet man give me a call i need to talk to you bout a ride here in a few weeks

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  4. GSXTacy

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    I loved how it turned out. The video is crystal clear at 100%, but eve when you blow it up to 200% its still good.
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    Great video. Hey let the Iowa guys know about that ride in a few weeks
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  7. omslaw

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    Thanks for posting the link, Chris! Been spending so much time in 'The Corner' - I haven't had a chance to do it! [​IMG]
  8. WWJD

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    OMS, if you have the original, can you burn the full high res dump to DVDs for me? I'll trade you media. It was like I was there! I loved it
  9. omslaw

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    Yeah, I've got the full, high-res version ....but it's over 12GB!

    I need to figure an easy way to split it up....

    Maybe I can zip it and span it across 4.7GB...?
  10. WWJD

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    can ya DVD SHRINK it to fit onto standard DVD or two?
  11. omslaw

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    Doesn't DVD Shrink only look at the DVD (.vob) file(s)?

    The 12GB is in AVI format; I've been looking for a way to convert it to DVD.
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  13. sccrvettel82

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    If it is from a Digital Camcorder using a digital tape, as long as it is only one tape length long, I can convert it to a standard DVD for you. All i would need is a copy of the tape itself.
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    Sweet video...
  15. WWJD

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    this site is great

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    Yeah!! ![​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Thanx for the ride.. Always wonder what the vantage was when actually tucked into the wind screen [​IMG]

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    Nice vid!
  20. GSXTacy

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    Hey Bill, the road in Savanah feel like a drag strip now! LOL We did get a couple of compliments about being mid-westerners and still being able to do a little turnin' and burnin' LOL

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