A first hand account...thru the lens...

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by GA_boi, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. GA_boi

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  2. dadofthree

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    Some amazing shots. Are pink boxers standard issue ?
  3. GA_boi

    GA_boi Donating Member

    :laugh::laugh: Thats what I was thinkin too!!!:laugh:
  4. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    We laugh about it, and I just about held back on the comment, but I just can't imagine what those fellas go through on a day to day basis. Some very telling photos. The fight holes tells you how great their sleeping arrangements are.
  5. GA_boi

    GA_boi Donating Member

    It is telling..and if you look the guy beside Mr. New York looks like he just jumped up outta his cot or hole or where ever he was sleeping at cause he's just got his tennis shoes on. It wont be long and I'll be able to take my turn and let Mr. New York come home....with his pink underwear:laugh:
  6. TruWrecks

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    It's a real shame we are still at war and sending young men and women to their deaths for nothing now. ::6 to those who are making a sacrifice to help others try to be free.
  7. trekfuel

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    thanks for sharing the link...
  8. Scar

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    Very powerful.

    Reminiscent of National Geographic.
  9. F=MA

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    Thanks for sharing. Some great photos. Heartbreaking to see children playing in prison because that's where there mother is.
  10. Procharger

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    Pictures you dont see on the news..
  11. outlawbusa

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    A very good collection, thanks for sharing~!~
  12. GA_boi

    GA_boi Donating Member

    That one was kinda hard to grab ahold of. It doesnt seem to make sense to me that a child should be raised in prison because thats where the mother is. You would think they would turn the child over to the father or some family somewhere.???
  13. Phil96

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    great shots, thanks

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