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Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by nlahines, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. nlahines

    nlahines Registered

    Hello, here is the deal. I bought am 06 LE with 80 miles on it. I have just had it out the last week and have put 400 miles on it. Here is my problem. Every time im on the highway I miss 6th gear. It has happened like 6 times. It goes in to a false neutral and then it grinds when I jam it into 6th. The bike for the most part is brand new and it came with a 4 year warranty from the previos owner. Should I just deal with it, or is it something I should get fixed, if it can be fixed? I have searched this site and not much on this problem. Although it does seem like a lot of Busa's have a false neutral between 5th and 6th.

    Any thoughts or advise would be appreciated. Thanks -Nick

    Love this bike even though 6th gear grinds
  2. johnnycrash

    johnnycrash Donating Member

    You probably have a bent shift fork that isn't letting the sixth gear dogs fully engage.  According to my mechanic, second and sixth share a shift fork so it's a common one to lose since second takes the most abuse.

    This happened to me - I ended up riding for several thousand miles with absolutely NO sixth gear last year.

    Try to firmly get it into sixth and you might be ok for awhile, but to really fix it correctly you need a tranny rebuild.

    Edit: so you have 480 miles total on the bike? If that's true then the warranty should hook you up. NO amount of abuse should F it up in only 480 miles. Heck - have you even had your first oil change?
  3. nlahines

    nlahines Registered

    No oil change yet, was going to wait until 500 miles. I didnt bend the fork, I am just breaking it in. havent even really gotten on it yet.

    By the way your black busa is hot!!
  4. johnnycrash

    johnnycrash Donating Member

    If you only have that many miles it just needs broke in. Change the oil and then shift like you really mean it.

    I always had a false neutral between 5 and 6 even when my bike was new, but I didn't lose 6th till 16k miles.
  5. TurboSN95

    TurboSN95 Registered

    I had the same issue, I switched to Amsoil MCF and make sure you put a little more force into shifting into 6th.
  6. nlahines

    nlahines Registered

    Hey man thanks for your advice! I dont think I am going to worry about it. It just doesnt seem correct........... We shall see.
  7. ktw88q

    ktw88q Registered

    I have 6th but I also get a false neutral.
  8. Professor

    Professor Hayabusa Immortal Staff Member Administrator

    You want to avoid "jamming" it in. Make sure your shifts are firm and positivem, but avoid forcing it after the shift is missed.
  9. BusaWhipped

    BusaWhipped Moderator

    When you miss the shift to 6th, pull in the clutch, shift down to 5th and back up into 6th. Forcing it into 6th after missing hte shift will cause more damage than the missed shift.
  10. nlahines

    nlahines Registered

    OK, if I put it back in to 5th it bangs...if I go into 6th it either bangs or grinds. it is a no win situation. maybe I should try double clutching it after I miss the gear. Now remember I am doing 100 when this happens

    This situation only sucks when I miss the gear, which is usully once everytime im on the highway.
  11. Don Hardcastle

    Don Hardcastle Busa Ridin' Sailor (ret) Donating Member Registered

    You have to shift these bikes with AUTHORI"TIE".

  12. KRUZIN

    KRUZIN Registered

    I had the same problem, amsoil helped a bit but the most important thing you can do to make sure you shift with enough force is to adjust the shift lever down about 1/4 of an inch or just a tad less. I realised that shifting into 6th gear my ankle was at it's max up position and the shifter needed just a little bit more upward force. So now when I shift I have extra upward movement in my ankle and it goes into 6th gear with ease... Hope this helps out and that you dont have any real trans problems...
  13. BusaJim08

    BusaJim08 Registered

    I have an 08 and mine did it 15-20 times for the first 1000 miles. I now have 1600 miles and I almost never get the false nuetral between 5th and 6th. Also make sure that your rpms are above 4000 and you are very deliberate when shifting. I think it is both the bikes tendancy and learning the kinks of the bike. Congrats on a great choice, and welcome to the club.
  14. Fredyp33

    Fredyp33 Registered

    If you're having false neutrals between 5th and 6th, why are you going 100mph? Why don't you try shifting into sixth around 50mph. And see if it's still giving you trouble.

    NINJA KILLER JUST CRUISN ' Donating Member

    +1 [​IMG]
  16. 321CYA

    321CYA Registered

    As the others have chimed in...you have too shift with authority and also check your foot positioning on the shifter.....maybe repositioning the shifter one or two splines downward. It worked for me. [​IMG]

    BTW I noticed that there are alot of ORG members from Alabama [​IMG]
  17. rubber2burn

    rubber2burn Donating Member

    Yes Amsoil help my shifting as well through all the gears made it like butter but still have to shift this bike with AUTHORI"TIE" As Don put it. But just not as much and the guys that I have let ride my bike can vouche that Amsoil does make a better difference in shifting.
  18. tjdobb

    tjdobb Donating Member

    If I try and baby mine into 6th, I have had the same issue. Just the way the tranny is designed, They dont like to be shifted into 6th at a low RPM. When shifting into 6th at normal riding speeds, I dont let the rpms die down at all almost like speed shifting and I dont seem to have problem at all. Just a blip of the throttle to take a little pressure off and shift it fast and hard. just my $0.02 worth. [​IMG]
  19. TurboSN95

    TurboSN95 Registered

    Don't use the clutch into 6th guys, test that out and let me know. So far for me, that has helped the most. Just click it in and i have had no issues when I try it that way.

    Forgot to mention that yesterday...
  20. Casperle

    Casperle Registered

    I had a false neutral at 5-6 shift to probably to 1000 miles probably 12 times or so. Once I was sure it was broken in good I put amsoil in and it never did it again 11000 miles now.

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