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Discussion in 'Busa Haulers' started by servion, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. servion

    servion Registered

    Its about time to purchase an enclosed trailer to haul my toy back and forth from the track. I have a relatively small place next to my house to store the trailer when I'm not using it, and I don't think I could maneuver a 6' wide trailer back there.

    My question is, how comfortably will a 5x8 enclosed trailer hold a busa? Will it by chance hold 2 bikes? I'm planning on getting one of those new slick pitbull trailer bike mounts/stands, looks cool :) can I fit a single 65" busa in there with a small toolbox, fuel can, etc.?
  2. Liltroy

    Liltroy Donating Member

    If you're asking those questions, I'd buy a tape measure before you buy the trailer.:whistle:
  3. djsin

    djsin Lily's Daddy Registered

    2 bike can probably fit but you will have to stagger the, one farther forward then the other(so you can put them alot closer together side to side)...put the tool box in front of the bike thats the farthest rearward in the trailer..and only stagger them far enough that the handlebars dont touch
  4. servion

    servion Registered

    the way the area next to the house is laid out, there is no direct path to back it up there; trees, etc., makes it difficult to determine just by measuring. I have already determined that a 6x10 would fit, but I won't be able to physically get it there. Since I'm in the middle of the standalone wiring and the turbo install is about to begin, I doubt I'll be able to strap the bike into a potential trailer myself before buying, hence the question.
  5. Liltroy

    Liltroy Donating Member

    Sorry I wasnt clear. I was referring to measuring the bikes, tool box, etc to make sure you could do what you need with a 5x8 trailer.:thumbsup:
  6. outlawbusa

    outlawbusa 1 wheel up aero testing Donating Member

    While you might be able to squeeze (very tightly) two bikes in this trailer...it will be a PITA...make it easy and go the extra foot if there's any way at all you can manage it. I really like the 7 ft wide trailers, but if you're thinking 5 ft at least think about 6 ft and make life a little easier~!~

    Any way of cutting the brush back a bit or are we talking large trees~?~
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  7. servion

    servion Registered

    Its kinda hard to explain, it is not paved, its to the left side of the house, and there are rocks down on the ground. Directly to the left of the driveway (directly in front of where I want to park the trailer), there is a 10'-12' tall "pine-looking" tree, so I have to maneuver the trailer in backwards, at a 45 degree angle, and then try to straighten it out and push it beside the house. In other words, I don't think I can trim the tree, and the wifey would kill me if I removed it LOL

    I only have one bike now, but I'm looking to the future when I might get a 600 or 1000 to street around when the busa is down. But I don't want to leave it on the street in front of the house either lol. It'd be nice if I could try to park one on the side of the house and see how well I can get it, but of course I don't see that happening without buying first :)
  8. twotonevert

    twotonevert Member of P.E.A. Moderator Donating Member

    I used to have a 6x10, and I can tell you a busa is almost 36" mirror to mirror. If you stagger them, it will be extremely close, so close I am not sure you could tie them down adequately.
  9. Liltroy

    Liltroy Donating Member

    that should be primary concern.:thumbsup:
  10. zukracer

    zukracer I'm somewhere but dont know where Donating Member

    so 5x8 is pretty close to a standard sheet of plywood (think they are 4x8) Go buy one for $20 at home depot and put the busa on the center of it, or find someone who will park theirs on it for you. I think you will find that a 5x8 will likely not provide room for 2 bikes. It will certainly fit the need for a single bike and the stuff you listed. My guess is you might want to find a 6x10 if the funds allow it. I recently got a 7x16, seems huge til you start filling it up and you are like "whoa...where the fudge did the room go" :laugh:
  11. servion

    servion Registered

    Thats a good idea. The 5x8 or 6x10 trailers, are they typically 5x8 inside or out? Meaning, is there 5' by 8' of actual storage? I could tape up my garage floor to test that part of it. I was googling around and I can't seem to find typical measurements for the outside either - i.e. maximum width, wheel to wheel.

    There is a nice looking 9x6 on craigslist, I just don't know if I can fit it next to my house :(
  12. zukracer

    zukracer I'm somewhere but dont know where Donating Member

    interior or exterior is all about the people that make it. I know mine is interior size but they had it listed that way on their sales site. Apparently there is no standard, so I'd take a tape to the lot :thumbsup:
  13. zukracer

    zukracer I'm somewhere but dont know where Donating Member

    oh yeah, the other thing to consider on smaller trailers.... the max weight for the axle. You might find that the smaller 5x8 type will not handle the load of two bikes as well as a 6x10. Typically a 6x10 or bigger will have 3500lb axles, I think you will find the smaller ones will only hold 1200-1500lbs. Just some food for thought ::4
  14. Takeuon

    Takeuon Registered

    Good info in this thread, as I'm considering getting a trailer by May. 6x10 seems like the way to go for me.

    Question: with only one bike in it and some light gear...does anyone see a problem of a 3.5 V-6 (older Ford Explorer or Escape) being able to tow it?
  15. schroetf

    schroetf Donating Member

    5 foot wide is very tight for 2 bikes-if you have to have enclosed it's even worse-i like open trailer myself-enclosed i would go 6x10--
  16. zukracer

    zukracer I'm somewhere but dont know where Donating Member

    overall weight of the trailer for a 6x10, typically is 2000-2250lbs, perhaps less but you are probably looking at 2500-3000 of weight to haul. Again depends on the trailer, etc.

    You should look at the tongue weight, the brakes on the trailer, dual vs single axle and then go look at the tow vehicle. You do not want to haul more than say 50-60% of what the book says unless you have upgraded brakes, cooling system (eng & trans) and even then, you have to look at the terrain you are hauling over. Either of those two should do it, but you might be close depending. Also check the mount points of the hitch between the two. If one mounts to the frame vs not, that could factor into stability. Last thing you want is the tail wagging the dog cruisin down the highway at 70mph ::4

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