4-year-old killed in pit bull attack

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by shawnski, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. shawnski

    shawnski Donating Member

    folks as sad as it is i blame the family of the kid for what happened... and i know it is not the good time to blame anyone but then i read some of the comments and just does not make sense!!
    and i just hope they don't euthanize the dog..

    your thoughts..

    4-year-old killed in pit bull attack | News - Home.
  2. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    Interesting .......... very few facts. I'll be curious, but I think the dog will be put down. Please keep us updated.
  3. shawnski

    shawnski Donating Member

    back yard fences and dog on a chain in the back yard.. the kid jumps the back yard fence and goes to neighbors yard get close to the dog to play or something and the dog attacks..
    9 year old keep an eye on 4 year old??? not a great idea!!
    i see it every day where i live the 4-5 year old with no supervision running around lake and pool and no parents anywhere to be seen..
  4. jgreth

    jgreth Registered

    Really a shame, but yes. This absolutely falls on to the parents of the victim. The dog was leashed in its own yard, which was fenced off.

    I also hope they do not blame the dog, it was merely defending its territory.
  5. ckholloway

    ckholloway Registered

    As much as I hate to say it, the dog will get the blame. Is it fair? No. Is it fact? No. Should the parents be held responsible? Yes.
    The dog will most likely get the blame because the media need a monster to point they're finger at. I don't think it's right but, thats the world we live in today.
  6. shawnski

    shawnski Donating Member

    because it is a pitbull...
  7. m_ridgeway

    m_ridgeway pipeline trash Donating Member

    I wont keep a dog that will attack children, or really anyone. If you have a guard dog or working dog it should be inside the house or in a kennel.

    Yes the kid should not have been there, and as much blame if not more lies with the family of the child.

    But who keeps a dog, unsupervised, on a chain, in a neighborhood, that would kill a child? Theres some fault in the dogs owner as well. The dog killed a child, it needs to be put down.
  8. MO-BUSA

    MO-BUSA Poster formerly know as qrychefanus Registered

    sad, just sad, feel sorry for the parents the little boy and his sister, the people that own the dog and the dog itself, thats terrible
  9. jgreth

    jgreth Registered

    Wait, what?

    The dog was chained up. It wasn't left to roam freely. I wouldn't want a dog running around my house, chewing everything up.

    Also, a foreign person approached its home territory. It didn't seek this child out to kill it. Hardly needs to be put down.
  10. Fastfrog007

    Fastfrog007 Donating Member Registered

    Parents/kids fault period. All reasonable precautions were taken by the owner to keep the dog away from people/kids. Properly supervise your child and it wont get killed by the neighbors dog. Im sure they'll kill the dog to make the parents feel better or 2 dozen morons with signs will get on the news complaining about it.
  11. ckholloway

    ckholloway Registered

    I understand what your saying but at the same time the dog was only defending itself and it's house. I'm sure the owners didn't think the dog would kill anyone. At the same time, I have two great danes that live in my backyard when I'm not home. If they don't know you and you walk into they're yard, I fear bad things will happen. I have taken all reasonable precautions, 6' solid wood fence and so on. So does that mean if someone walks into they're yard (trust me the dogs will warn them first) and they kill him/her, it is my fault for having a big dog?
    Thats the direction this is heading is, It's the owners fault because they have a "dangerous pit bull". If so I don't want to hear it. That dog is no more dangerous then my boston terrier. She only weighs in at ten pounds by the way. The only time you will see a mean dog (pit bull included) is they are trained or treated in such a manner that makes them mean. Yes they do have that little trigger in they're mind but all dogs do. It's called primal instinct. however most dogs won't use that trigger unless trained or provoked.
    Thats not to say a dog can't go bad but in most cases it just doesn't happen. In this one the dog was protecting his house.
  12. skydivr

    skydivr Jumps from perfectly good Airplanes Donating Member

    Wow...replace "DOG" with "GUN" and you start to see how ridiculous some of this gun legislation is....

    Dang shame it happened.
  13. RMS2005

    RMS2005 Registered

    pitbulls are about like "assault" rifles are right now. no person is ever gonna get blamed for their actions. I my self have a pit, many guns including these deadly and uncontrollable hi cap mags and "assault" rifles, oh,oh, oh and I also love snakes and have a few pythons and a boa. Oh I also have a 7 yo girl and a 3 yo boy that interact with all of the above. (ok no guns for the 3 yo yet but it wont be long) man if the government or cps reads this post I guess my wife will be having a large yard sale soon so keep an eye out :laugh:!!!!
    bottom line is people need to grow a set and man up to their actions and quit trying to blame every dam thing that happens on something or someone else.
  14. Busa1166

    Busa1166 Donating Member

    Tragic loss.

    Putting things aside, we live in a time where you don't leave your kids unsupervised anywhere even in your own back yard. Hell even in your home you have to watch them, internet and gaming console activities have to be monitored. :( This time kids got away and ran into trouble, family needs someone to blame, hold someone responsible. Pain, grief an anger will keep them from seeing who is responsible for their loss. R.I.P. little man you will get to pet all the puppy's you want now :cry:
  15. mr8ball

    mr8ball Registered

    That is sad for sure. The Family is mostly to blame here but the dog will more the likely get put down. The pit bulls seem to have a target on the for being bad dogs. I have seen them so bad the owner could not even get close to them but then again I have seen them so lovable they wouldn't hurt a fly. They are very unpredictable and are known to explode at anytime. Seems to me he was protecting his property and now it might cost him his life. So sad on both parts. Prayers sent for the family :please:
  16. 1busa

    1busa Registered

    ??????? Who keeps a dog unsupervised??????? This dog was not wandering aimlessly around the neighborhood, it was in a fenced in yard chained up. I feel sorry that the child was killed but the question you should be asking is who leaves a 4 year old child unsupervised? There is zero fault towards the dog or owner. Thats like saying you go to the zoo and jump in the lion cage and get mauled and now you wanna sue and have the lion put down...... That dog could have been any large breed dog and done exactly the same thing. If it was a smaller breed dog it would have attacked as well but wouldnt have had the capacity to kill more than likely. Who doesnt tie thier dog outside? Especially down south some never bring thier dogs in the house. So if I have a pitbull I'm supposed to keep it in a kennel away from my house? If I have a fenced in backyard and my busa is parked out back Im not supposed to let my dog watch over it? I know most people wont tie pitbulls outside because somebody ends up stealing them! I feel for the family but at the same time I just gotta ask Where was the adults? A 9 year old is not a babysitter especially with all the crazies and pedophiles out here roaming around :banghead:
  17. m_ridgeway

    m_ridgeway pipeline trash Donating Member

    and 4 year old children scale fences?

    Into a lion cage is alot different than a neighbors back yard. The neighbors play with my dane while I'm around, but I take every precaution including a fence more secure than for four year olds to overcome, while I'm not around. maybe the kid had petted played with the dog before with the neighbors.

    And sadly in the world we live in you can fall into a lion cage and sue. Ever owned a swimming pool? Huge liabilities there. In todays world its irresponsible to own a dog, tie it out in an unsecured yard, unsupervised, in a residential area. if the dog owner had a secured yard this wouldn't be an issue. if a four year old can get in, I'm sure if the dog got off the tie, it couldve got out of the yard. I've never had a dog that didn't get off a tie at least once, especially a big mucular/lean dog, they can side out of almost any collar or harness.

    I'm not saying convict the guy and send him to jail, but he has a moral obligation here as all dog owners do. How would you feel if your dog killed your neighbors kid? Is that something you want to live with. I dont, so yes every precaution should be taken imho.

    What sky is saying about guns, I can actually agree with. if you cant keep your guns away from four year olds then I guess you see nothing wrong here. I don't leave unsupervised unsecured guns laying around. I treat my animals the same.

    Yes this coudlve been any dog, pits are cool these days, so every scum bag that wants the cool tough dog gets one. Its a reflection on the owners but there are alot more dumbass pit owners than st bernard owners I can guarantee. And yes more attacks are by smaller breeds, but like you said people think its funny when the taco bell dog nips you. I'm not against pits at all. I like them, but be aware they damage they can inflict. Be it a dalmation or a wolf.

    And yes the parents are ultimately at fault, probably not in the eyes of the law, but common sense yes. Pretty crazy we can legislate responsibility of getting a dog, but we do nothing to prevent people with no business having a kid from having a dozen burdening society. Nobody is ever in the right when a child dies. Both sides will always wonder what could I have done to prevent this. Irresponsible dog owners and parents make the responsible people pay for their mistakes.

    This post is full of errs so bear with me, mobile device posting owns me.
  18. 1busa

    1busa Registered

    I hear what you are saying but the dog was secured.. Fenced in yard and tied up is secure. Just the same if I got a fenced in yard and some kids hop my fence and drown in my pool I don't see how I am supposed to be liable? What am I supposed to do drain the pool everytime I go inside my house or leave? I don't think so. If that was my child that got killed in the same fashion I would blame whatever adult was supposed to in charge and watching my child. I would be upset and pissed @ them just the same if my kid ran out in the street and got hit or fell in a pool or down the stairs. Its all about accountability........
  19. shawnski

    shawnski Donating Member

    could have been worse,her sister went out to the yard and pulled her brother away from the dog..if dog was that mean he would have done something to her too....i am not sure but i think the boy did something to get that dog ticked off ...
  20. m_ridgeway

    m_ridgeway pipeline trash Donating Member

    What good is a fence that cant keep out a 4 y/o?

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