2nd this week missed shift

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    I may need new battery in 2nd round had trouble starting.Bike is 06 gets raced no street time lately.Then in final went neutral on shift its electric shifter so i wonder if battery played a part.I could have been spinning tire I run shinko slick but was getting late poor track conditions.Thats first missed shift this year.I picked up $30 not much but I will take it.Im going be looking @ that battery.Im fighting for top 3 spot current 4th.I prob should least carry A spare but there expensive.
    I went 6.44 @ 111 1/2 mph one good thing i have gold card so no entry fee i cleared $30

    Trying get past this bike it short times like a demon for a small tire bike. nOTICE THE TRANSPARENT BOWLS ON THE ELECTRON CARBS? NO GUESSING if theres fuel in those. supercomp bike


    1.28 60 foot. Thats M.T.C. BIG BLOCK + TRONS WITH SLIDER 1982 SUZUKI

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    john strefling
    A 1.28 would be a tough cookie to crack, there is also a guy here that does mid to high
    .30's with a MTC 14 somethin' based on a 82 KZ setup. He runs 6.0's like clock work- always just out of reach. Have you broke into the 1.40's yet? I would think if your batterys weak,that may affect your pingel, I haven't had that happen yet so can't say for sure


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    Im thinking cause I just been racing it hast been able re-charge battery good.Im going put it on battery tender and mabe test shifter on street.

    Sucked it happened in final ..

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