2nd Gear Hesitation

Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by 1BadAssBusa, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. 1BadAssBusa

    1BadAssBusa Registered

    Looking 4 some help.... When I'm in 2nd gear, and crack the throttle, the bike hesitates around 7000-8000 RPM. This only happens in 2nd gear. Any thoughts on what might be the problem?
  2. jch364

    jch364 Registered

    gear could be slipping. mine did this. kinda felt like a little jerk. only when i got on it. if taking it easy then nothing. pretty common if you drag race or are real hard on the gearing. i posted a thread on my rebuild about this very thing
  3. Professor

    Professor Hayabusa Immortal Staff Member Administrator

    Are you sure it is a hesitation and not a slip?
  4. 071300r

    071300r Registered

    my 2007 did that sounds like undercutting time
  5. ogre

    ogre Call me Liberace! Registered

    my 06 does that, only under WOT acceleration. soon as i get a chance i'm getting the trans undercut.
  6. 1BadAssBusa

    1BadAssBusa Registered

    I guess it can be called a slip as well. It only happens under hard acceleration, and only in 2nd gear. What does undercutting the trans mean?

    GIXERHP ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish... Donating Member

    How many miles are on the bike?
    Do you power shift, or do you use the clutch all the time?
    Also gen one or two?
  8. 1BadAssBusa

    1BadAssBusa Registered

    10K miles on the bike. Gen 1, and I always use the clutch to shift

    GIXERHP ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish... Donating Member

    Sound to me like the motor need to come out! Sorry to say, but the busa's have had the same problem for all the years.
    Second gears are notorious for going bad!

    As for the fix, it has already been said to undercut the transmission.
    What undercutting achieves, is the gears will engage more than they do stock! In simple terms.
  10. 1BadAssBusa

    1BadAssBusa Registered

    Thanks 4 the info. Any idea how much $$ this will set me back? I might consider this work now that the riding season is over (cold weather)

    GIXERHP ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish... Donating Member

    Are you able to remove the motor?
  12. ogre

    ogre Call me Liberace! Registered

    if you can pull the motor, ape will do it for 328. that's every gear. i would also assume there's some sort of shipping charge also.
  13. 1BadAssBusa

    1BadAssBusa Registered

    I do most of the work on my bike, but I do not have the tools or confidence to remove the engine. Guess I better prepare to get ripped by the dealer or speed shop.
  14. NewBamaBusa

    NewBamaBusa Registered

    Just got word from my dealer, who I have trusted with my '06LE through 49,400 miles, that the transmission has been causing my skips at 5200 RPM and then again at 7200 RPM in 2nd gear. He is quoting $2500 to $3000 to pull the tranny and have it worked on. Is this realistic? We started looking at the K&N air filter, then the Smart Ivan TRE, then the front and rear sprockets and chain, then the fuel pump which was throwing only 27 PSI at high RPMs.
  15. sixpack577

    sixpack577 Top Gun Registered

    Considering that having the trans gears themselves machined(undercut)is $400 to $500, I'de say they're rippin you one.

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