2011 PASHNIT MOTO BLACK FRIDAY SALE - Everything on sale! Details within

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    stock_galfer_line2_100.jpg galfer_discs_4_100.jpg v4-Street-Purple_85.jpg liner_PHG-200_100_2.jpg mc_DU-816_100.jpg galfer_Dsc03833_yellow_100.jpg gipro_atre_blue_display_100.jpg Img_3676_pazzo_navyblue_100.jpg

    2011 BLACK FRIDAY SALE - EVERYTHING's on SALE!! - Ends 11/27/11

    How does this work? IT'S SIMPLE!!
    Any item in the PashnitMoto store, request a price via email: pashnit33@yahoo.com. We'll respond with a sale price and if you want it, we'll invoice you via your email address. Multi-item request? Make a list and email it over. Say Yes, and we'll forward an invoice to pay. If there's something you'd like at a discounted price, let us know what it is. We will offer you a lower price on any item you request! Yes, we can ship product to any country - if you have a mailing address, we can ship to you. Please note items under $40 cannot be discounted.

    1) Log onto PashnitMoto, we have THREE different sites spanning 40,000 part numbers!

    Click: Buy Now: Pashnit Moto Products Site Map <--75 different manufactures!

    Click: PashnitMoto - Motorcycle Parts for your Bike! <-- all new site! New products!!

    Click: Hayabusa Parts Accessories Suzuki GSXR1300 A-Z Mod LIST | PashnitBusa.com <-- Hayabusa Owners

    2) What do you want to purchase?

    3) REQUEST A PRICE via EMAIL ONLY: Your request must get sent via email by 11/27/11. Please don't call or use PM via forums. Please be patient. We were swamped with requests. Do not post your sale price we've offered to you in any open forum - most items have strict MAP price rules set by manufacturers.

    Pashnit Sale: Cheetah Laser Jammer - John Smith
    Email requests not titled like this may take twice as long to respond to.

    Let us know where we will be shipping. (Plus if we are shipping to California).

    6) Forward your request: pashnit33@yahoo.com

    7) HELP us go Viral! Belong to another motorcycle forum? Club? Facebook? Twitter? Please cut & paste, then post this up to your forum if permissible with admin on your respective motorcycle forum(s).

    Refer to this link: 2011 PASHNIT BLACK FRIDAY SALE - Everything on sale! Details within - Pashnit Motorcycle Forum

    8) If you are OUTSIDE the USA, we welcome your request. Please include your respective country so we can calculate shipping costs to your part of the world.

    We CANNOT sell you something we don't carry or an item from a manufacture we don't represent. Check the list for the 75 manufactures & 40,000 part numbers. We will invoice you via Paypal for the Black Friday Price. You do not need to pay inside the Black Friday 3-Day Weekend, only get your email request in before then. PashnitMoto accepts nearly all forms of world currency. Non-paypal payment can be arranged.

    EVERYTHING IS ON SALE till 11/27/11 !!
    November 27th, 2011 is the LAST DAY. Just tell us what you need.
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    Thumbs up for Tim!
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    Have spent all day answering emails. This sale goes through Sunday!

    Staring to begin the process of invoicing those that have agreed to our offer.

    Great time to get the product you want at a lower price!

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    07 r6 front brake lines (gp style ) and 07 r6 gpr Steering Stabilizer
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