2008 Turbo Hayabusa For Sale

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by FFR514, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. FFR514

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    Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I am forced to sell my 2008 Turbo Hayabusa. I bought this bike with 5k miles on it and put another 10k on it before I decided to add the turbo kit. The engine was pulled at 15,300 miles and turbo mods done (base plate spacer, new bearings, new rings, SS valves, new valve springs, etc...). The turbo kit is an RCC stage 1+. I have run up to 15 psi and made 310HP to the tire on the dyno. The bike has run 216.8 mph at the Texas Mile and it runs perfect. With the boost turned down to to 10 psi or less the bike is very streetable and super fun to ride. It has a quick-shifter, handle bar spacers, heli-bars, touring windshield and a carbon-fiber wrap over the black paint. I use the ECUEditor to tune the bike. The Editor controls the boost in each gear, timing, shifter, fuel and everything else that is needed.

    I'll post up some more pics soon. The bike is located in Denton, Texas asking price is $14,500. Please contact me via email if you are interested richcave27@yahoo.com

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  2. Hayabusa4life

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    Nice looking bike :thumbsup:
  3. wantbusa

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    Will you provide street and race tunes?

    How much life is left in the tires?

  4. FFR514

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    The bike will come with a couple of street tunes and two race tunes. I will include the interface for the tuner. You will just need a laptop and the free editor software. The tires are new from last summer. I havent ridden much so the are still like new.
  5. FFR514

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    Lowering the price to $13,500. I forgot to mention that it also has pazzo racing levers too. It will come with a tinted stock style windshield as well.

    Here are a couple more pics...

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  6. Kildore

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    If I were in the market. I would be making a drive this weekend! Nice bike!
  7. dadofthree

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    Best of luck , great ride ::6
  8. FFR514

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    Ok... $13,000 now.... Bike is located in Corinth, Texas (near Denton).
  9. FFR514

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    I am moving this weekend and going through a divorce. I hate to sell my bike but I need the cash. Lowering the price to $12,000.
  10. nabusa

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    Man if I only had $12k! This should sell fast, a $14k zx14r or a 300hp busa for $12k! GLWS
  11. JSaathoff

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    omg... excellent job on the bike, it looks fantastic :) sorry it's under such circumstances that you part with it! you are giving that bike away! i wish i could jump on it. good luck!
  12. 04LE

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    if only some what closer so i could see the bike before i gave you the cash. Good luck with the sale and a great bike and price.
  13. FFR514

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    Here are some more pics.... Price is still a steal at $12,000. By the way, I was wrong about the mileage. The engine was pulled at 12,500 and it is at 13,300 now. I must have been remembering the mileage on my Mustang when I added a turbo kit. Anyway, here they are..... Contact me at richcave27@yahoo.com if you are interested

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  14. FFR514

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  15. FFR514

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  16. FFR514

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    I guess I cant psot a link to youtube of my walk-around video. If you are interested in the bike and want to see a short video, go to youtube and search "richcave27" and you will find the video.

    GNBRETT Registered

  18. FFR514

    FFR514 Registered

    Thought I had it sold but the deal fell through. Still available.....
  19. Kildore

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    Sorry man.. I know you need her gone... Wish i could buy it. Perfect bike.
  20. FFR514

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    Price drop to $11,500...

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