2005 Busa fuel problems

Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by 05carbonbusa, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. 05carbonbusa

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    I have a 05 busa that i was running racing gas in then switched back to 93 because I thought my mapping might be off. When you hit 100 it runs like crap like its loading up or missing. Runs fine 0-90 but when you throw the fuel to it it just goes to crap. Any thoughts I'm new to the busa world so any help will be THANKED!!
  2. GoldenChild

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    What is it mapped for race gas or pump?
  3. mikbusa

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    Start off by cleaning out the gunk in the fuel filter screen. quick job, won't cost anything. Mine fell on it's face when accelerating, was a bunch of rust and crud clogging the filter screen.
  4. dmallord

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    so, in 1st gear WOT it runs fine till you hit 2nd? i am kidding... kind of.

    describing a problem that occurs at a specific mph is difficult at best to even begin to understand what is going on.

    add some more description. " i cant give it full throttle in any gear, or else it bogs." or perhaps " when im cruising in 3rd gear at 5000 rpm it stutters."

    the more specific you are in describing you condition, the easier it is to give you possible direction.

    good luck!
  5. 05carbonbusa

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    Ok when you roll into the throttle on take off it seems to be fine until its staying there in the same spot a few sec. It goes to missing and sounds like it's loading up in the air box.

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