2003 Hayabusa wont start HELP!!!

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by lilcomp1977, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. lilcomp1977

    lilcomp1977 Registered

    I just purchased my first busa... I rode it yesterday..Started it this morning.
    and turned it off before it could warm up.. Now it wont start.. I ran the battery down so I jumped it and it came up with a f1 code.. I did the Ghetto dealer switch and came up with code c-11... PLEASE help a newbie.!!!!!!
  2. Wag

    Wag Evil Demon Busa Rider Donating Member

    Does it crank or try to crank when you press the button? Does the light dim?

    A tad more detailed info would help us help you.

    I have an '03 too but anyone with a Gen 1 can help ya.

  3. 99'busa

    99'busa Donating Member

    im with wag. here. more details. dont know what that code is without the book.
  4. cerebusa

    cerebusa Registered

    The shop manual is on here some where, download that and you can look up the codes, its been a lifesaver for me over the years. I keep mine on a disc and on the desktop. It is the bible, so it is written, so shall it be done...
  5. tjdobb

    tjdobb Donating Member

    C-11 The manual says to check the camshaft position sensor or circuit malfunction.
  6. shawnski

    shawnski Donating Member

    are you holding the clutch when you crank, did you try it with kickstand up or down sitting on the bike? DOES IT CRANK ????
    try to have someone push the bike while you sit on it and release the clutch in second gear see that would start it up.
  7. twotonevert

    twotonevert Member of P.E.A. Moderator

    Welcome to the board. If it ran fine yesterday, disconnect the battery cable and leave it off for a few minutes. Reconnect and see if you have same problem.
  8. lilcomp1977

    lilcomp1977 Registered

    The bike turns over fine there is no code until I try too jump it. Then the code pops up. I here the fuel pump running. I pulled the plugs and cleaned them. Im going to take the battery out and charge it now.
    Thanks for all the response already.
  9. mike1180

    mike1180 Banned


    To my knowlegde the injectors won't work unless the battery is fully charged.
    I would take the time and charge it up fully, as you did drain it down to nothing.
    I can't see cam sensors going bad just because you ran the battery down.

  10. J.Busa

    J.Busa Registered

    What are you jumpstarting it off of? Not a running vehicle or a jumpbox I hope.
  11. TruWrecks

    TruWrecks Banned

    The bike won't fire until it has 12.4-12.6 VDC while cranking. How are you jump starting it? If you are using another vehicle I hope it isn't running. A running car or truck can spike up to 14.8 VDC when it sees the additional load from the bike's battery. That is too much voltage for the ECU of the bike. Leave the bike on a charger or connected to the battery of a car and lit it charge for about 30 minutes. Then you should be able to start it back up.

    If the C11 code comes on you will want to disconnect the battery ground, and turn the key to run. Leave it like that for a few minutes. Turn the key off and reconnect the battery ground. Try to start it again. If you still get C11 you may have a loose connection somewhere.

    The clitch lever will need to be pulled, and the side stand will need to be up or trans in neutral or the starter won't get power.

    NickSlick has a download link for the service manual that was posted a while ago. I'll see if I can find it.
  12. TruWrecks

    TruWrecks Banned


    TIMMYDUCK Head Woodchuck Donating Member

    When you shut it down did you lock the steering stem ?

    If you did you might have gone to far with the key and left your parking light on, thus draining your battery.:laugh:
  14. lilcomp1977

    lilcomp1977 Registered

    Ok I found my problem with the cam position sensor.(it wasnt snapped all the way in) I snapped it in and tryed to start it. It fired probably five times. And wouldnt start. Now it wont fire. It still turns over fine and I can smell the gas and hear the fuel pump. Could the plugs be fouled out? The bike has 5200 mi.
    Can you use starting fluid? I dont want to try that until i have to.
  15. Wag

    Wag Evil Demon Busa Rider Donating Member

    I don't like starter fluid on an injected bike. Don't know why, it just makes me a bit uncomfortable for some reason.

    I think you can foul the plugs. I suppose you could pull 'em and let 'em air out a bit.

  16. Big Red

    Big Red Donating Member

    Sounds like you fowled the plugs
  17. Supergank1

    Supergank1 Registered

    change the plugs and fully charge the battery and it should be good..now that u plugged the cam sensor back in. ::50
  18. Poppy

    Poppy Donating Member

    Kill switch position is.........?::25
  19. Bertactive

    Bertactive Registered

    curious, did u figure out what was the fix?

    GIXERHP ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish... Donating Member

    Ahem,, 3 year old post!

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