2002 Suzuki Hayabusa TURBO Fully Built

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    2002 Fully Built Busa (turbo RCC custom turbo kit stage 2)

    Location : harrisburg, PA

    -6500 original miles.. less then 1500 on full engine/drivetrain build


    -Carillo Rods
    -JE Pistons
    -Fully Built Head (custom grind cam)
    -valve springs and retainers
    -Low profile billet oil pan
    -High volume oil pump

    Race cut gears (cryo treated)
    Racing Clutch with custom billet clutch housing
    Heavy Duty Output shaft
    Air shifter (not hooked up.. needs new solinoid)
    Heavy duty chain
    McIntosh +7 swingarm.. tubular for the air shifter pressure.

    ECUMANAGE software (rodney williford)
    PC2 (tuned by rodney williford)
    Bosch pump
    Honda S2000 injectors

    Turbo kit:
    RCC stage 2 custom kit
    INTERCOOLED (radiator cut in half)
    t3 manifold
    Garret ball bearing turbo capable of 400 hp
    tial bov
    tial wastegate
    innovate wideband o2 gauge
    innovate oil pressure gauge
    innovate boost pressure gauge

    Good condition 8/10
    Cone mirrors
    HID kit

    There was alot of money put into this bike.. as you may know how much a build like this would cost... The only reason im interested in selling the bike is simply because I want to turbo my Dodge viper. No need for two toys..

    This bike is a rocket

    14 psi on 93 = 289 whp
    18 psi on c16 = 363 whp

    Im looking for 13,000$ for the bike the way it sits.. I may respect resonable offers.. if it needs shipped.. buyer is held responsible. Bike runs great and is very strong.

    Glenn stouffer = 7175800987
    Email = scottyitsk@live.com

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    ::50 and GLWS

    From my dunce stool :cookoo:
  3. scottyitsk

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    THANKS!!! this bike is a steal at this price.... but i have no need for two toyss

    GNBRETT Registered

    it sure is. thats practically giving it away. and what a great color.
  5. scottyitsk

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    still for sale guys

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