1st gen transmission whine and noises?

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    I'm comparing mine and my buddies Hayabusas here...

    Mine (2003 GSX1300R) - You can hear the gears spinning in neutral, pull the clutch in and they stop spinning (of course). It's not loud but if you listen for it while at a light, you can hear it when you're on top of it. Moving off from the light it sounds like what you would expect from straight cut gears, it whines a little, doesn't sound unhealthy but it's very much there and easy for people off the bike to hear it. Shifts though gears great.

    Buddies (2005 GSX1300R) - No noise at neutral, no real noise while pulling away, shifts a little harder/clunkier.

    Did they add some noise cancelling jazz a little later on, or is this not right?

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    What do you have for a front sprocket, and what is on your buddies bike?
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    You get some whine when front sprocket is changed from stock and doesn't have the dampners.

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