007Nick map revised-$ horsepower increase over 007Harv

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gixx1300R, Jul 22, 2000.

  1. Gixx1300R

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    Well I did more Dyno tuning today with the 007Nick map(yes it's named after me)So far i've gotten a 4 horsepower increase over the 007Harv map.So far this map is working on Busas with other exhaust systems.Lantabusa got a 2.3 horsepower increase with 007Nick and he has a Sato exhaust.BlackBusa got 3.1 horsepower increase ad he has a Muzzy.It will also give a 1300 that has a Yosh about 2 horsepower.When installed you should go up 2% on the mid and 4% on the high if you have an Akrapovic.Any other system try going up 2% on the mid and the high.This map may not work for everyone due to different Altitudes,cam timing and other variables.This map works on Busa with an Aftermarket exhaust,PC2 and Full Airbox mod.If you want a copy of the 007Nick map e mail me at Gixx1300R@aol.com-All that I ask is if you see a horsepower increase please post if on the board along with your mods and the area that you live,I'm keeping a data base so I can develop more maps that work


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  2. Guest

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    Your the man dude, so after the install where do you think my buttons should be?
    Also is this the same one I already have or do you need to send me the revised version?
    Lastly, are you guys still coming down tomorrow?
  3. Guest

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    Nick I also went up 1 bar mid and high on the buttons from the NICK map---other than that what a GREAT baseline to start from. Like TMH said, the more maps we can get flowing around the better off we all are off, considering someone might dev a map in denver where NICK or HARV would work like crap.

  4. Gixx1300R

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    The one that you have is very simular to the new one.I only did changes to the 4500 rpm range.I would try setting the Mid to 2% or 1 bar higher than 0 amd the high to 2% or 1 bar higher than 0.This map is still not 100%,my Airbox still hiccups sometimes.I went up 2% on the mid and 4% on the high and picked up another 2 horsepower which in a total of 4 over the Harv map.I'm still waiting to get to the Superflow 250.The Dyno room is still being built.I dont think I'm coming tomorrow.There is a big drag race here.
  5. OB_Kirk

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    What altitude? I'm at about 500 feet.
  6. Gixx1300R

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    At 500 feet you probably wouldnt have to go up on the mid or high.007Nick is just a basemap that will save you time and money on the Dyno.I'm my opinion it's the best map out there so far for the Busa(I'm kinda biased since I consider this my map).Give it a try and see how it works.

  7. OB_Martinm2

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    Hey Nick,
    Do you want me to post your new map?

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  8. Guest

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    hiccup? Mine does it too but not always---seems like if I've cleared her throat she's ok but if I've been putting around and do a lo rpm roll on it does that...?
  9. Gixx1300R

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    Not yet Martin,I'm waiting to get to the Superflow to see what the Air/Fuel ratio is doing at speed.I know what you mean Lanta,my GSXR1100 did the same thing when it ran lean.Lol it's kinda like the Airbox is farting

    OB_THE MOTORHEAD Registered

    omega i just made a map for the muzzy and all long on mine i make 168.9 hp and 103# of torque with this map at 12.7 a/f ratio.there will be no need to fatten this up on top either.now i have to figure out how to mail it.
  11. Guest

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    Thats the one I need. Anxiously awaiting!

    OB_THE MOTORHEAD Registered

    send me a mail omega
  13. OB_TooQwik

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    Any chance that I could get you to send me a copy of your Muzzy pipe map. I just recently installed a Muzzy full ti pipe and am looking for the best map. My email is to_quick1@msn.com

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