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    Quote Originally Posted by DaCol. @ Dec. 28 2007, 2:30 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by ibified @ Dec. 28 2007, 9:50 AM
    One thing to consider about thos "moat" is that it was not filled with water, and according to the director was NEVER filled with water. *

    True, a Tiger isn't something I would expect to jump that, but I dont doubt for a second that one could do it if annoyed enough. *What people (especially the three teenagers) fail to realize is that this animal is one of the most perfect predators on land. *Were it not for the shark, I'd go so far as to say they're the hands down most perfect predator on the planet. *When taunted, they get angry. *if someone pissed you off enough, and you could find a way, you wouldnt do anything different than the tiger did in this case. *Well, except for those pesky "law" things, which tigers neither understand or are bound by.
    Tiger the most perfect predator * , Naaaaaaaa, MAN bets the Tiger or any other animal hands down as the best at KILLING *
    After seeing what a GI can do to a six-pack.....I'd have to agree
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    +1 on too bad the tiger had to die so soon, could have "accidently" routed it through some of the extremist ralleys ( i.e. the "everything offends me, so I'm gonna sue unless you give up your rights to cater to me" people) or used to thin out the convicted rapist / child molesters. either way it would be for a good cause.

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    yummmm Frosted Flakes, human size!!!

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    Seems to me that since these predators are only exposed to people while in captivity, they likely see people as nothing more than prey.

    Pretty sad story.

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