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    To backfill:

    A co-worker awhile back was given about 5 days notice that he was leaving the states and going to Afghanistan. (Well leaving in 5 days, with a stop over at a few military training bases in the states to get up to speed.

    Below is an update from him he has asked to have passed around, it is good stuff, all about helping people and what we are doing to help build schools and support in getting children involved in education.

    You know, the stuff the media will never report on because it does not make us look bad, kind of makes it look like we are doing something positive over there, that we are needed and that we are apprecieated.. not what the media wants to let out.

    Our command just sent out two care packages of goodies to the two people we have deployed in special ops over in the sand, one is on the ground in Iraq who has allready expended numerous clips from my understanding and then this person who is an Kabul.

    Subject: News from Khost

    Hey everyone! Just a short note to let everyone know I'm alive and well, on the ground and we're doing good stuff. Below is the first of what will be several PAO articles generated from our activities here. *This is the good news that isn't publicized in the mainstream media in the states...please, pass this along!


    APO AE 09356

    News Desk: 070-223-758
    Press Center: 070-276-545

    June 6, 2006
    * * * * * *

    Khowst governor, PRT collaborate on educational efforts

    By Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Jamie D. Hamill

    Khowst Provincial Reconstruction Team

    * * * * * *FORWARD OPERATING BASE CHAPMAN, Afghanistan -- Spend five minutes with Khowst Governor Marijadeen Patan and he’ll make it clear that education is a top priority for his province.
    * * * * * *“Education is like oxygen, you can’t live without it – our nation cannot exist without it,” he said.

    Patan and Mohammad Shareef Zadran, Province Director of Education, are aggressively pushing an education agenda to support the goals of the Afghanistan Compact and Interim Afghanistan National Development Strategy.

    Specifically, they are working to increase enrollment in primary schools for both girls and boys, and to enhance skills for educators.

    Their work is paying off. *Over the last year, 34,000 students have started school, more than 11,000 of them girls. *Additionally, the director has coordinated with the U.S. Agency for International Development for teacher training and workshops in all districts.

    Although progress has been made, more work needs to be done. *The most pressing challenge is the number of schools. *

    According to the director of education, 106 additional schools are needed to support the number of students in the province. *Because of the shortage, many of the students are forced to take their classes outside, or if lucky, under a tent. *The director is working with the Ministry of Education in Kabul and numerous international aid organizations to identify resources to fund more buildings. *In the interim, he has turned to the Khowst Provincial Reconstruction Team for assistance.

    Navy Cdr. John Wade, Khowst PRT commander, said his organization wants to help.

    “I’m inspired talking with the governor and director of education,” said Wade, from Long Island, N.Y.
    “They value education and believe that Afghanistan’s future is dependent on the quality of education the children receive.”

    Unfortunately finding the money to build the needed schools will take time.

    Wade said he asked how they could help and was told if they could provide temporary shelters or tents, it would reduce the number of children exposed to the hot sun or rain.

    More than 100 large tents will be purchased in the coming weeks and distributed to schools throughout the province, said Wade.

    Additionally, the PRT has visited several schools and provided much-needed books and supplies. *Recently, members of the PRT visited the Mando Zayi District School. *The school was built by the PRT two years ago, and they visit occasionally to make sure the school has what it needs to educate its 7,000 students.

    As the team members got out of their vehicles, smiling children watched intently through the school windows.
    The members of the PRT passed out more than 100 notebooks, 500 pens and pencils, and three volleyballs, all donated by students from Renbrook Elementary School in West Hartford, Conn.

    “This is a unique opportunity to interface with the people of Afghanistan and show our support for education,” said Army Staff Sgt. Ryan McClaughry, a Civil Affairs noncommissioned officer from Portland, Ore.

    Education remains a top priority for Afghanistan.
    Progress has been gained over the last five years with more to follow including, standardized curriculums, increased opportunities for female teachers, competency tests for educators, and a national testing system to assess learning achievement. *As these reforms take shape, more and more young children will attend school, learn, and have an opportunity for a better tomorrow.

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    That's's great to hear the good things, especially if it's to help kids that otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity...

    Thanks for posting that up
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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (VaBusa @ June 13 2006,07:37)]That's's great to hear the good things, especially if it's to help kids that otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity...

    Thanks for posting that up
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    Thanks T-Fox. I agree, it's great to hear when good things are happening!

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    Agree with the point that this is not what's publicized. Same things happening in Iraq.

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    Great post. Good to see that there are some positive happenings in the scarier parts of the world!
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