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    after reading about several bikes that have been stolen I started thinking how could someone #1 know if there bike was being manhandled and #2 find it if it had been. I remember an ad on about a global pet finder that would send your phone a text message if your dog moved outside of a designated area...check it out

    then I started thinking wow 17.99 a month was a bit expensive how could that be cut down so I remember cell phones now have gps tracking technology so i started searching for something along those lines and found this site.

    I like 5.99 a month better, so the idea is hide a phone on your bike wire in a charger and if you bike is ever stolen you can track it quick.

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    1) A big dog.
    2) A big gun.
    3) A big flashlight

    Really, I thought about this dog tag thing also. Wish they had OnStar!


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    Cell phone needs to be in full view of the sky and my Nextel sucks as it is when it comes to picking up signals compared to a real GPS.

    You may catch a stupid kid joyrider with it (provided you leave the key in the ignition), but a real thief will use a van to defeat the GPS. If they're using a pickup truck, a simple tarp over the bike will disable the GPS.

    Lojack at least uses a radio signal. Combining that with a good paging alarm system is your best defense.

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    sweet didnt know about that, how much do those run? looks like it has to be installed by a dealer, i've never been a fan of someone else installing my alarm stuff, cause then 2-3 people know all about my bike and how to steal it.

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    Local dealer here in Charlotte where i was last weekend says that the LoJack for the bikes now works nationwide and gave me a quote of $700 on the install...

    Not sure how much they go for at other places, but i would have to pay it to keep my baby safe!
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    Lojack is a very un funny joke! What LoJack DOESN'T tell you is that while the DEVICE may work nationwide the police don't. Lojack works off of simple FM modulation frequency. Simply put it broadcasts a beep on an FM frequency not available to the general public. The Police have to A) want to find it B) Have 2 available units to track it and triangulate it's location and C) Get dang lucky. here's the first of many *downfalls. To get Lojack to even activate and start the process you have to file a police report and get a case #. Sounds simple huh. Well, Give it some thought.
    * You have to know it's gone first. You take the bike to watch a movie come out 2+ hours later. You're 2 hours behind the thief right off the bat. You call the police and they get there quickly, fill out the report required to call lojack with. Another 30 minutes. Time lost before you even START looking for the bike ... 2 hours 30 minutes. Where can you go in that time? how much can you dismantle your Busa in that time? Think they won't find that 8' long antenna in 2 hours?
    How about following this link ... Phantom Tracking
    Real time GPS enabled tracking with crash detection. You will know within MINUTES of your bike being moved 3 feet. better yet, So will the police. AND they will also be told where the bike is right then and which way it's heading and at what speed. and Unlike Lojack ... it works nationwide with NO EXCEPTIONS. Oh and they even work with tarps over them LOL. The Police were advised of a theft and the bikes location and heading. They pulled a ryder truck over 4 miles outside of Vegas heading for the cali border. In the back of the truck was 7 Harleys with a variety of alarms and 1 with a phantom tracking device. LAPD played hide and seek with an installed unit at the boat docks with it and lost miserably.
    I have one on my Busa ... come take it, I dare ya! No lights flashing. No horn beeping. No 8 foot long antenna. NOTHING to let the A-hole that stole the bike know he's about to go to jail until the blue light flash behind him.
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    full coverage insuranse !
    john stein

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    whats the price on that phanton tracker, both the unit and the monitoring?

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    yeah thats a good one for long term storage (more than 12 hours but I want to track the sob who has the balls to steal my bike, and I don't want him to know its being tracked . so far the best candidates are accutrack and phanton tracker, im still waiting for a cost on the phanton tracker though, because cost is a big factor for me.

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    This units montly's might be a little friendlier on the pocket book..

    starts at 7.95 a month

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (spangler @ May 27 2006,18:52)]This units montly's might be a little friendlier on the pocket book..

    starts at 7.95 a month
    Best defense is good full coverage insurance..If they want it there gonna get it .. just dont leave it in the open unattended for to long .

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (johnstein @ May 27 2006,02:25)]full coverage insuranse !
    Doesn't hurt to have an alarm or tracking system. After a few bikes get stolen from you, see how easy it is to get full coverage insurance and how much it costs regardless if it is your fault or not...
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