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    Default Marine Corps MC ride in New York

    Another great day in New York. Hand full of Marines took a ride to PJD's, took a tour of Ft. Montgomery, drove through West Point and had some fun in the mountains. We be a post if I didn't share pics of the ride. Next season's bike is pretty nice. Of course we couldn't take pictures because the show hasn't aired yet.
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    Default Re: Marine Corps MC ride in New York

    nice day for a ride. and nice pics. thanks for sharing.
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    Default Re: Marine Corps MC ride in New York

    That is so awesome! We had a battalion ride today with 52 bikes present. Rode south of Wilmington to a civil war museum. I wish we had cool places like PJDs to go tour!
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    Nice!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Default Re: Marine Corps MC ride in New York

    that's so awesome....we got our battalion ride on friday...hitting skyline up can't wait
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    Default Re: Marine Corps MC ride in New York

    Thanks for sharing
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    Default Re: Marine Corps MC ride in New York

    It's always a pleasure to share with the org.

    @Russell--> I'm stationed at a reserve C130 unit in Newburgh, NY, last month we toured OCC. We only have a handful of riders but we are trying to get more of the Marines involved. Can't wait to see 50 bikes rolling off the base.
    @Sportsscustom-->Enjoy your ride and be sure to take pics and post.

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