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    Take care of each other. Comfort each other. If she is a typical woman, she is not going to want you to be "strong" for her, too. She is going to want and need to know that you are going through this pregnancy and any related challenges TOGETHER ! Any challenges or struggles that lie ahead are ones that you will both face. More than anything, find comfort and reassurance in each other. And, know that your family here on the org continues to pray for all three of you.

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    Default Re: im scared right now

    That is good news.

    Hope everything goes ok on the PAPP-A thing.

    Best wishes sent to you both.

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    Default Re: im scared right now

    Charlie my friend....Things will be good brother!!! Keep an eye on momma and make sure she takes it easy....eats properly etc. Like i said before docs tend to get a little jumpy with stuff. they do this because they have all been sued so much they have to cover their arses. As i stated before been there done that brother!!! Congrats on the son!!!! They are a blessing as are all children regardless! Dont let morons bring you down!
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