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    Default losers in florida

    anyone else see these losers bring thier kids to watch Casey be released. she was found not guilty by your legal system. Time for these people to move on.

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    Default Re: losers in florida

    A large part of our society is now made up of idiotic losers. Sad, but true.

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    Default Re: losers in florida

    Wish I could have been there !
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    Default Re: losers in florida

    and it seems its on the news every time i turn it on...i think the news takes and keeps things going as long as they can for ratings....

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    Default Re: losers in florida

    Quote Originally Posted by DREW View Post
    Wish I could have been there !
    I wish you could of been there too! I'm sure you could have straightened that entire crew out and sent them home with a much better understanding of our legal system.
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    Default Re: losers in florida

    The movie 'Idiocracy' just might be coming true . . .
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    Default Re: losers in florida

    Ha Haaaa Florida is Awesome !!!!!! sooooooooo entertaining
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    Default Re: losers in florida

    i'm sure tiger and arnold appreciate all of her attention
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    Default Re: losers in florida

    Well at least we aren't talking about how good of a job Obama is doing

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    Default Re: losers in florida

    i have every opinion about this...but one way or this point it just ads to the drama and accomplishes nothing
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    Default Re: losers in florida

    Whats worse is that my wife told my she heard some chick in texas thought she saw Casey Anthony on the road in Texas last week so she ran her car off the road and it flipped a few times. That's all I heard. Freaking unbelieveable that one person would do that to another person espeacially to the wrong person. I hope she gets life in prison.

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