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    Default Mays Landing, NJ area

    First hi,
    Anyone in the Mays Landing area? I saw a sweet orange/black Busa last Friday night (04/30) on 322 and was wondering if it belonged to anyone here.

    On my way home from work going West by ACCC around 11-11:15. I only got a quick look at it as it passed me at a good clip but it sure sounded good!!

    Looking to maybe step up to a Busa and had some questions about yours.
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    Default Re: Mays Landing, NJ area

    It wasn't my bike, but I will be there in October with my Blk/Grey 08..
    08 Blk/Gry
    Yosh TRS Titainium Full System w/PC V w/Autotune
    Cruise Control
    HID Low/High
    Last Dyno Run 186rwhp/106ftlbs at 33,381 miles

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