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    any info on the mirror LEDs? aftermarket? custom? Price?

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    Any pics from behind?
    I want to see the difference in light the rider sees, I couldn't care about the looks.
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    should have mine on monday well shipped on monday but yeah

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    Comparing headlights at Hooters eh?? *I have to admit that sounds like a good time to me!!

    Oh and the HID pics are great as well as I'm looking to do some light mods myself!

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    looking good...#1 mod
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    I will try to get my 4300k bulbs in this weekend and maybe I can get with several others like busa159 that has the 6k and maybe we can get irishluck together. We can do a better lineup and when I havent sucked down a few Tecate the focus and pic quality is guaranteed to be better
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    So your saying that your abilities to take a picture was impared because you were drinking?

    I forget...How did you get home that night?
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    I really like the idea of the running light mod and turn signals in the mirrors. That's pretty cool along with HID's I almost never ride at night anymore and one reason is I don't think I can see well enough
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    Default Re: What a difference HID's make

    Thats a huge difference

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    Default Re: What a difference HID's make

    I've got DDMs, 35w 5000k, hi and low. The high beam really isn't noticeable, but the low is awesome, and outshines the factory high. They're $25 a piece, you can't beat it!
    Pretty much plug and play, very easy install.

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    Default Re: What a difference HID's make

    I have a 8000k 35w DDM kit... Alot of members on this forum have the DDM kits and love em. No prob w/ mine what so ever.
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    Default Re: What a difference HID's make

    Is it hard to do the ones in the top corners hid

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    Default Re: What a difference HID's make

    It is nice to see the two different types lighting systems next to each other. How do you set up the front turn signals as driving lights?

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