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Thread: Need a tuner ny

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    <span style='colorrangered'></span>looking for a good turner for high perfprmance motor. in the ny area<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'></span>

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    ny is a big place ? what area are you from ?
    john stein

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    one of the guys from the board used a freeport dealer to build and tune his turbo bike , gm1300, the bike ran all day long flawlessly ! put just over 600 miles on that day he was runnin low boost i think 7 psi but he did switch up for a little bit to 13psi another guy , jt02 busa told me about a bayshore bike shop that builds some serious bikes , supposed to have one of the best guys to tune a busa there , you can pm these guys directly , if that is close enough to your area , i could dig some more info up , if you are interested
    john stein

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    do you mean powerhouse motorcyles? frank is *a good tuner
    like his shop much better then orent express in freeport. also ivan i heard is good in rocklin county<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'></span>

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    i beli8ve power house was the place , he couldnt say enough about this guy , i came home looked them up on the web , they do alot of realy nice work ! and like i said the freeport guys, orient express put that 05 turbo bike together for gm1300 and it ran all day , we left long island at 630 am for a bear mountain ride blasted up there , rode all day , and returned to li just after 9pm , we hit some good traffic on the way home and his bike was good to go !
    john stein

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    Your close enought to get it to one of the up in New England

    Dighton MA. DAVEO

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    do you have a phone number for him thanks

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