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    Default Re: Got hit by a Minivan this morning

    Glad you are ok and I really hope that you aren't going to be sore in the morning.

    You should always call the cops for any accident no matter how minor. Get the police report to protect yourself (unless you caused it). The guy that caused it will almost always act like your best friend until they leave the scene, then they can argue that you caused the accident. I know a bunch of people that didn't get police reports and got screwed because its your word against theirs.

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    Default Re: Got hit by a Minivan this morning

    glad your ok. I would of called 911 for the Police and full report made and have her ticketed for cell phone use then called my lawyer regarding this.....I have a short fuse for stupidy. also, pain has a way of showing its ugly face days later.
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    Default Re: Got hit by a Minivan this morning

    Was it the 7-11 at the corner of Meacham?

    You are a SUV magnet. Glad you used your ninja skills to avoid injury
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    Default Re: Got hit by a Minivan this morning

    Semi. it's great to see your still around these parts. I hope to stop traveling soon so I can go back to my normal life. And the only thing I have been climbing lately is my new brazilian

    Blue, It was the QT on Beach street. In the last two months Ive been riding on the street again Ive almost been in multiple situations that could have ended badly. Im glad I am scared of everything that moves around me when on the street or I might not be typing right now. lol

    Im hoping Capt has the yearly MnG so I can see everyone again.
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    Default Re: Got hit by a Minivan this morning

    Glad your ok.
    Could have been a lot worse.
    Walking and sitting disaster area.

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