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    here we go, i sold my first 99 busa didnt have a bike for a few years, kids grew up i didnt so i bought another busa 2000 mint awsome bike. streets were to crazy so i bought a 2006 busa with a 3" arm, air shifter and so on for some minor street riding and track use... so i sold the 2000 now for the problem i went to the track and my first run the trans jumps alittle in secound under hard start, any body know of this problem and know how to fix, i am in northeast ny albany area willing to travel 1 hour to good repair shop. help

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    I only send trans work to Mark at R&D in Florida.
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    shift forks are worn and the gears are jumping sideways and the cogs are losing there surface connection...the sooner you do something about it the less it will cost...while your in there have it undercut if you are going to be drag racing or using an air shifter...if you can pull the motor, split the cases and send out the gear assembly its 1000's less in $
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