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Thread: ATV help

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    Default ATV help

    I have a friend thinking about getting an ATV. I know nothing about these things. Advise please. Probably if he get a used one out of Florida.

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    Not to rain on your parade but my advice would be.....don't. Coming from a Busa owner the advice that ATV's are dangerous sounds silly but every time I open the paper we have another person killed on an ATV. Just over the past week we have had 3 people killed locally. Just my .02.
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    Default Re: ATV help

    I've been on one for a good 10 years. Stick to off road trails and don't ride like an idiot. In ten years of trail and sand dune riding, I have yet to get a bruise from the thing. I ride a LTZ 400 with a 440 big block, hot cams, dynatec, big gun exhaust ect ect.

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    the don't ride like an idiot part is what most people have issues with.
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    Default Re: ATV help

    not for road use ,
    Busa sold , boo hoo
    Temporarily one hopes !!!!

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