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    Default Cell phone / GPS mount

    Where does one get a mount like this? I could spin one up on the lathe but I'd rather just order one.
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    Default Re: Cell phone / GPS mount

    looks like a steering stem mount but hard to tell what brand. RAM and Techmount (see pic below) are options

    look into the DUAL TOP PLATE option also

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    Adaptiv mount or tech mount which has a cleaner look to it!

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    Default Re: Cell phone / GPS mount

    I'm running a Ram mount with a universal holder that will securely hold anything from a small nav unit to your smart phone, I would show my phone mounted in it but that is what I used to snap the pic..

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    Default Re: Cell phone / GPS mount

    im also runnin a RAM mount and i love it....

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    Default Re: Cell phone / GPS mount

    I also use a Ram mount
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    It's my roomates mount for his R1, it just happened to fit my bike. I guess he got it off of a club member in Vegas, and the guy makes them himself. I think I may spend a half hour and just build it myself the way I want it. $80 + shipping seems steep for a design I don't care for.

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    I made one pretty quickly from a $20 walmart holder....
    I will be adding a lower lip though to keep it from sliding down

    Walmart cell phone holder for hayabusa - YouTube

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