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    Just thought I woul;d say Hi to everyone off the bat. I am new to the board, and currently do not own a Busa but I am looking for one. For now I ride a modded up 2003 Yamaha R6 that my wife bought me last year when I got back from Iraq. Now that I am here again she has agreed to let me buy a Busa. I currently reside in NC, but will be moving back to WI in about a year or 2. I love to check out the forums, I also belong to a few other boards as well. I look forward talking to everyone here and learning more about Busa's.

    Also a small side note.. if anyone know's where I can fine a 40th Ann model Busa I would be very interested.

    Thanks in advance

    2008 Busa: Suzuki Gel Seat, Scorpio Alarm, Pazzo Adj Levers, Buell Peg Mod,M4 Retro Drag Exhaust, Rear end lowering kit, Puig Z Racing Screen, Undertail Kit, DDM 55W HID Kit, LED markers, Trash Can Trunk, Galfer steel braided lines F&R, EBC HH pads

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    There's a couple in the classified section of the board. Anyway, welcome to the board. I take it you are in the Air Force stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB? I used to live there a long time ago and was at Ft. Bragg until last summer. You will love this forum and the 'Busa.

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    Welcome to the board.

    2004 Black/Purple
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    Gel Seat
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