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    Default Coolant overflow tank replacement help.

    Hey everyone, I have an 07 Busa that I have had for a few years now, and due to damaged fairings I have gone with a more street fighter look the the Busa now, but with this comes more sun exposure to the coolant overflow tank which I found out a few days ago has left it very brittle, ( I tapped it with my shoe and a big piece disintegrated). Needless to say I had to get a new coolant tank, but my question is: does anyone know where I can find an online manual on replacing the tank or video? I tried youtube to no avail. I figured its not that hard but I want to do it right. Maybe one of ya'll might know some tips or tricks. I would really appreciate it. Thanks all and be safe.

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    I believe it only two bolt and two hoses..if the tank already has a hole in it u probley lost all your i would use a set of pliers to move the collar down on the bottom hose..remove top hose..pinch the bottom line with your fingers pull hose off and install it to the new really not sure if u will get any air into the system but u i would put some coolant in the tank and remove rad cap u might also have to burp the system just to be on the safe side..

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    Default Re: Coolant overflow tank replacement help.

    Hey Freechance, thanks for gettin back to me, by burping the system u mean just the coolant system right? Also it has to be running to burp it right?

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    Theres a couple of articles on here how to burb the system..its to get all the air out of the system..

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    Yes just the coolant..just get it all back together and take rad cap off fill with fluid warm engine up..then it might suck some of the coolant down then add more..let bike cool off add coolant as needed..u can also lightly squeeze on the hoses with your hand to work any trapped air out of the system..but be carefull or coolant will come out the top of radiator..also make sure before u start burping the system to have fluid in the overflow..

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