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    my Busa hates me.......

    Following the weekends merryment whenI stripped the fuel pump and throttle bodies for cleaning and general tlc, re-assembled, checked, rechecked then checked again just in case....(I am getting on a bit...)

    Went to start the bike, it fired up and holy mother!...ran like a bag of spanners, rough does not describe killed the ignition...checked again, no fuel leaks, all sensors connected, all vacuum holes good, no splits...start again....splutters it's way into like, wont rev, wont idle.....HELP!!

    So this morning Iafter a bit of researching I decided to unplug the IAP senser.....damn thing ran, obviously not perfect but it ran... so tested the sensor and it's dead...voltage does not change at all whatever the vacumm applied.

    Is that how these sensors fail...seemingly fine one day than BANG!!

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    Default Re: IAP sensor

    where is this sensor located ? GEN1 or 2?

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    It's a Gen 1 - the sensor is mounted to the rear of the airbox and connected to the vacumm tubes which tee off to the fuel pressure regulator and throttle bodies.

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    Did you figure out the problem you had? I am having same type is issue, and not sure where the "map sensor' is located, the dealer told me that's what it could be after I had him map my ECU for my full exhaust.

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    He actually said it could be dirty throttle bodies or dirty map sensor tube, does anyone have pic of location on gen1 Busa for the map air sensor & the tube for it? Or anyone who can tell me were its located exactly. Thanks

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    There not cheep, new from Suzuki it's over $100
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