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    Default Core Moto brake line.

    I thought I'd share with the org about the Core Moto brake line I purchased. They had great customer service and fast response to any questions I had. I sent out an email, and they called me on the phone a day later with answers. That is awesome in my book. The price of this brake line was good, and it is fully customizable with color choice. Installation was a breeze and now the bike looks better with the brake line and of course makes braking much better then the stock line that expands. When you order it, you can choose the color of the casing the steal braded line is in, the color of the fittings, and color of the rubber logo right before the fittings. Thats pretty cool if you ask me. Here is a link to the site in case anyone wants to check them out. They have alot of good stuff for hayabusas and their prices are good as well. Anyway here is the link, and here are some pics of the brake line. Please let me know what you all think. Thank you.
    Link to Core Moto website:
    Suzuki Foot Pegs

    Some pics of the rear brake line install:

    You can choose the color of the logo and rubber piece, and the color of fittings. Anodized or whatever.

    Options for brake lines:
    Color of brake line: Clear, black, white, carbon fiber, solid blue, translucent blue, translucent green, solid red, translucent red, kawasaki green, orange, pink, silver, purple, gold
    Color of brake line fittings: Polished Stainless, black, blue, gold, green, purple, red
    Logo Tag color: Red w/ black logo, black w/ red logo, blue w/ black logo, green w/ black logo, orange w/ black logo, grey w/ white logo.
    These are the frame slides I'm going to replace my current frame sliders with. These too can be fully customized with your color of choice. I think these are awesome looking.

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    Looks good! I was just about to ask if anyone has used these lines yet. I'm thinking of doing front and back along with the clutch line too. How do you like the performance? Just FYI they also do Military Discounts for service members, so thats a huge bonus in my book.

    Blacked out and Mean!!!

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    Default Re: Core Moto brake line.

    Does anyone else have experience with these lines?

    Blacked out and Mean!!!

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    Default Re: Core Moto brake line.

    I just put one on the rear of my bike. Good quality piece. No complaints.

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    Default Re: Core Moto brake line.

    ill be getting a full set within a week probaly. seems like a good deal to be able to custom build

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    Default Re: Core Moto brake line.

    Mine is still good to go. No complaints, they perform well. Ill be doing the front next. Yes they do military discounts, so that is a bonus. I highly recommend these lines to anyone. Great product, great price. Sorry for the late response fellas.

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    Just put a front/rear set of these on mine this morning. Went for a ride and wow what a differance. Was concerned after reading a few posts that stainless didn't do anything for improving stopping but I immediately noticed single finger brake power and no more mush at hard braking. Very happy and Core Moto dialed em in the exact way I wanted. Took me about two hours total from tear down to bleeding. All stainless parts.

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